Free Masks – Donation Project

Masked Heroes was started by Custom Mask Brothers to donate masks to Hospitals, Schools, Charities, and other organizations that offer essential services to our local community. Our goal is to one day donate 1,000,000 masks!

  1. Donate 1000s of Masks to our community organizations.
  1. Help these organizations stay in compliance with safety regulations and alleviate their expenses
  1. Provide high quality masks with improved breath-ability
  1. Local Businesses can gain Brand Exposure and Good Will

Get Your Name Out There And Get Some Goodies

Do great things for the community. Do great things for your business. Your companies logo/information will be displayed on donated masks, and will be seen by potential customers in your town!

Here are Some of The Masked Heroes

With every sponsorship, you’ll be helping people on the front line get the equipment they need. From hospitals, charity organizations, and schools you’ll play a part in fighting the battle against this pandemic. From all of our SUPER FRIENDS and the staff at Custom Mask Brothers, we’d like to thank you for your consideration!


Reach Out To Learn More!

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